ISNITE 2015 - 3rd International Symposium

The amelioration of teacher education (for pre-service and in-service educators) is closely related to the improvement of the quality and the effectiveness of the education in general. The demand for improvement in teacher education and training has, nowadays, become even more important as it constitutes a significant challenge for the teachers in order to respond to a highly dynamic and constantly changing field. The changes occurring in the economic, political and social fields have a direct impact on teachers’ personal and professional development and, thus, affect their professional identity. In-service educators often try to cope with new conditions as they attempt to manage a pristine and staggering framework of changes instead of acting as professionals with professional identity, knowledge and skills.
The reflection on the appropriate model of teacher education that would enable them to respond to new roles and responsibilities adequately and face all the challenges and changes in their work, is a constant race, both nationally and internationally. Several guidelines and directions have been proposed in teacher education. These guidelines reflect the social, political, cultural and economic conditions that prevail at given times, and the various advancement in the humanities and social and technological sciences. Within this complex context, teachers are often asked to adapt their professional practices towards society and educational institutions, following formal and informal methods.
Reinforcing pre-service and in-service teachers' capacity of critical reflection on institutions and processes and aiding the acquisition of research skills seems to be the only solution in order to help them understand the educational process and cope with the problems and requirements of the modern social, political, economic, cultural and educational reality.
Taking the above into account, this symposium aims to contribute to the dialogue at an international level, for the improvement of initial and continuous teacher education, presenting studies on professionalism, professional identity and professional development, dimensions that compose the professional status of teachers and define their professional existence.

The symposium, which is organized by the Department of Early Childhood Education, the Department of Primary Education and the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Pedagogy of the University of Thessaly, is also supported by the “Journal of Teacher Education and Educators”.